Vector Graphics

In case you don’t know what a vector graphic is, a vector graphic is INFINITELY scalable. What this means is that no matter how large you scale the image, it won’t lose its quality or turn pixelated unlike other image types

Vector Graphics

If you are selling or promoting anything online, then you know that you need eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics for your products and marketing materials. Unfortunately, hiring a designer to make custom graphics for you can be expensive, and the cost can quickly add up if you have many items to sell.

So most people get their graphics from Google Images or other people’s websites – usually without their consent.

It´s all about copyright infringement fines. For example, in 2007 several marketers were sued for using so-called ‘royalty free’ images after they bought a collection of 1,600 such images from the main seller… who ironically didn’t know any better and thought it was okay to compile these images from Google and other websites!

Don’t think this won’t happen to you. Just do a quick Google search on “copyright infringement stock photo” and the list is ENDLESS. It’s not surprising because there are companies that hire employees whose full-time job is to track down these offenders – intentional or not – and boy, collecting fines is BIG business!

So we are giving you open license to these cartoon images. You can use these images in your sales copy, website, advertisements, product covers, keynote presentations, and anything that needs graphics. Above all, the images are royalty-free and originates from us.

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