Christmas Event!

This event was from the Year 2021 - we will come back again next Chrismas 2022

Now it has been December month again, already after 12 months, but time is flying - - - and itīs again time for the Year of Christmas Calendar`s with lotīs of premiums, to them of You who guess the secret Christmas Song!!

- and on the other side, we will help You coming through all 24 doors of the Calendar, and goes through Our Rules and Facts with You, and how You will play -

We have managed a Christmas Calendar in flash, where every day get a new letter which have to be compared into a sentence for a Christmas Song

But before do so, you have to install this Emulator for Flash on a Chrome Browser, as today Flash Animations doesnt work and is supported anymore.

Here is the link for the Emulator: Flash Player Emulator 2022

Click one of the activated Calendar Days
- it will open in a new popup window -