Dreamvision Marketing Group Christmas Event 2020
- Rules and Facts -

Now it have been december month again, allready after 12 month, but time is flying - - - and itīs again time for the Year of Christmas Calendar`s with lotīs of premiums, to them of You who guess the secret Christmas Song!!

- and on the other site, we will help You coming through all 24 doors of the Calendar, and goes through Our Rules and Facts with You - how You will play -

The Christmas Calendar of The Year 2020 is build in Flash Action Scripting and demands that Your computer have Flashplayer installed. If You havnīt Flashplayer installed on Your computer, You can download it here from Our site (usualy it has been installed with Your windows) if it in any way have been destroyd and not working optimal or are not installed, You can download it from this link www.macromedia.com.

Every Day there will be a Calendar Door to open, from where You will come into the Christmas Room and meet the House Bear. There will some days be a lot of surprises. Here you will meet Santa Claus, Rudolf, some Santas and the Jesus Child. And when You come to the end of the Day Movie, You will here find a letter of the day through a hidden link - or maybe more than one letter some days - some days there can be two letters instead of one!!

All letters are coming in a random order and will therefore not build normal words, so You have to puzzle them together. On the december 24 You will have all 30 letters and can puzzle them to a Verse Line of a populare Christmas Song.

The question from this Christmas Event is therefore: From what Christmas Song is this line of a Verse You have found??

This answer You have to send Us at least the 1. januar 2021, and then You will participate in Our drawing from all who have send Us the correct song. We will draw a first, second and third prize.

Prizes We will give out to the Lucky Winners will be announced latest the 14. december, as We in writing hour on this 30. November just have finished the Event and havn`t get the time for the prices. But we can tell that it will be worth, not only the fun for You, but also with a prize of some great value.

Remember to find all the 30 letters!! Remember to get the whole Verse Line!! Or else You canīt guess the Christmas Song