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Christmas Event 2021

This was the Christmas Event last Christmas – We will be back again in Christmas 2022

Now it has been December month again, already after 12 months, yes time is flying –

Go to the Event here or read more.

Now again it´s time for the Year of Christmas Calendar`s with lots of premiums, to them of You who guess the secret Christmas Song!!

– but on the other side, we will help You coming through all 24 doors of the Calendar, and goes through Our Rules and Facts with You, and how You will play, and hopefully win some of our gifts this year –

What kind of gifts it will be, we will do an announcement on some days. We have just worked hard to get this to open on the of December – as all Calendars have to?

Yes, and we just in time reached it.

Here is some pics from the design of the Calendar, that we have made in Flash Action Scripting, so a lot of things will happen throughout the month, inside the Christmas Room – We hope You will love it.


Every day You will find a Letter from someplace in the Christmas Room. The link is active but hidden, so You have to search to find, All letters Through this month is a Verse Line from a Christmas song.

When You are coming into The Christmas Room and meet the Bear, You will someday be surprised by some actions which will happen. Every time You will be told to take action too.