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      It all starts with learning

      Learning is the foundation of human progress. A chance to create a better version of ourselves and the world around us. The more people we can empower through world-class learning, the more game-changing innovations and discoveries we’ll see.

      Our mission is to change the way the world learns.Since Day 1, we've believed in the potential for artificial intelligence and design to transform learning when it matters most. With Video Training We has see n this learning has a million more influence than only using words.

      Video training is like oxygen to a company. Without it, a company dies. With a healthy amount of it, an organization will not only survive but will also thrive. Most company leaders are fully aware of this and try to offer employee training, even if only during the onboarding process.

      While it’s good that employers provide training for their employees, it doesn’t mean that training is always effective. Some methods of training delivery are simply more impactful than others. It’s amazing how the same exact training content is more effective delivered through one method as opposed to another. Traditionally, employers have delivered training in-person, but today’s organizational leaders are wising up to the fact that, like it or not, technology plays a huge role in training. As time marches on, technology will likely be solely relied upon to meet training needs.

      First and foremost, video-based training is convenient. Since learners access videos online, they can watch training videos anytime and any place, at home or at a coffee shop. A video’s accessibility makes it extremely attractive to a busy employee trying to juggle the demands of life. Also, the more accessible training materials are, the more likely it is that they will be studied. It’s safe to say that workers are more likely to watch a quick, engaging video than to complete take-home paper assignments or some other time-consuming training task.

      The self-paced nature of video-based training is one of the main reasons for its appeal, especially to learners. Unlike traditional courses that pack a lot of information into a two- or three-hour session, video-based training can be consumed in bite-sized pieces. This helps workers retain the information their employers pay for them to be exposed to. Also, this promotes low-stress learning.

      Any type of training can and does get monotonous. Video breaks up monotony by providing some much-needed variation in course-material delivery, which increases retention of information. The Huffington Post’s article Research Confirms Video Improves Learning Results says, “On the student side of things, video may be the best way to improve learning styles, especially when it comes to remembering key facts and figures. Forrester Research estimates one minute of online video equates to approximately 1.8 million written words.” In short, video is a must for increasing knowledge retention in employees.

      The Brain’s Favorable Response to Video

      The main reason people learn well via video is not because it is fun, can be self-paced, or is convenient; it is because the brain has a favorable response to video. Psychology Today’s article Video vs. Text: The Brain Perspective, written by Liraz Margalit, unpacks this subject. It explains that the human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than it does text. Since we are designed to avoid cognitive stress, it is natural that we would prefer learning that is spoon-fed to us, so to speak. Spoon-fed or not, video-based learning is more effective than text-based learning.

      Margalit wrote, “When we watch a video, we become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen. If you want your visitors to fall in love with your content, it makes sense to deliver it via video… it is much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article.” This principle can also apply to employee training. If employees connect emotionally with the training materials being presented to them, there’s a better chance that they will retain the information. This is good news for employers who have to disperse “dry” training content that is tough to engage with. It goes to reason that the more disengaging the training content is, the more important it is to present it, at least partially, through video.

      How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses, Really?

      At the end of the day, company decision makers want to know that something is worth their time and money before they invest in it. These individuals may like the idea of video-based training courses but hold back on implementing them because they are simply not convinced that they are necessary. They know that video requires more bandwidth; therefore, they will only invest in video-based training if it is truly worth their money. What these leaders need are facts about the effectiveness of video in training. KommiReddy Deepika supplies them in his article Video-Based Learning for Effective Training Programs:

      “Statistics say that every individual is likely to remember only 10% of textual content, 65% of visual content, but 95% of audio-visual content. Hence, organizations should incorporate this mode of learning to train their employees effectively as it enhances self-learning and engages learners’ attention throughout the course.”

      These statistics speak for themselves. Employee-training programs are becoming increasingly video-based. In what ways does your company utilize video in training?

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