How to Survive Crisis

This e-book, How to Survive Crisis, is written by Katrin Lacart.

As a NURSE she helped many people in crisis.

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With over 10 years work as acute nurse at night in private sector Katrin is used to stand in almost all kind of situations.

In the daily practice with chronic and acute diseases and in the work in respiratory monitoring, rehabilitation, palliative care, and as a cardiac nurse she has seen many destinies.

So the many and multiple experiences in both private life and at work make this book to a tool that will help you to feel better and to find the way to a good life again.

By writing this book I can help infinite more people than I can in my daily life and at work. Making your life better makes me feeling happy and satisfied.”

In this book she presents you 13 authentic cases from Corona-pandemic to divorce. You will even read about losing a child, missing all private and social contacts, becoming condemned in advance, been exposed of fraud from Cyber-criminals, or living with a chronic disease …

Everybody have had a crisis at some time in life or even is in one just now. This book will help you to come through it and feel good again.

So whenever it happens for you, yesterday, today, tomorrow, so will HOW TO SURVIVE CRISES help you to stay and also to feel alive.

In this book you will even find solutions and tools how to change your life, how to take a crisis as a new chance for creating a happy and successful future.

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