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  • This textbook is well organized for a beginner working through the entire book.
  • This book also contains helpful explanations on differences between different versions.
  • And we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the products and services we’re assessing.
  • There is no culturally insensitive or offensive material in this book.
  • The text does a good job explaining spreadsheet software.

Unfortunately, we teach tables and working with multiple sheets/files in our Beginning Excel class, and these topics are not included. This textbook seems very consistent in how it’s formatted and it is difficult to see any variations in either chapter layout, writing style or level of detail from the beginning to the end. The terminology is extremely basic and clear which again makes this textbook ideal for both the novice or the more advanced learner to use as a reference source. I also particularly like the starter files and the links used to access the starter files really blending the chapter material to actual worksheets. This book covers the basics of Microsoft Excel 2016. It includes all the basic skills necessary to create most documents in excel.

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It teaches Fundamental Skills, Mathematical Computations, Logical and Lookup Functions, and Presenting Data with Charts in a step-by step fashion and to a detailed level. This level of skill would be appropriate for professional or highly proficient personal use. The textbook uses Windows 7 and Excel 2010 which are not the current versions of either, so modifications would be necessary for some sections of the text.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

It expands more on each application or function it reviews within its section. Some images are blurred or too dark to see exactly what the student should have on their MS Excel spreadsheet. The issue pertains to approximately 10% of the images.


I could not open the Assignments and Tests links to check visually and to go through instructions assigned to the assessments. I
I would like to see a comprehensive Assignments & Tests (covering all chapters). Overall, I am very pleased with the content, organization, modular breakdown, and the basic skill sets covered. Modularity, in terms of self-standing sections and subsections, is limited by the need to learn various sub-skills in sequence. Introductory material needs to be mastered before more advanced topics can be addressed. The result is that early chapters need to be studies in sequence, but later chapters can be rearranged or skipped depending on the needs of the supported course.

It is comprehensive and covers a wide spectrum of important spreadsheet software topics. I was a little disappointed that this book does not Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons include a table of contents nor does it include a glossary. This is a very thorough and comprehensive textbook for beginning MS Excel.

Excel 2019 Advanced

Each chapter has a sections of exercises and tests at different difficulty levels. These different modules could easily be assigned at different points during a course. The examples in the book were business-oriented vs. people-oriented, so they were not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. The entertainment value of the material is fair to low.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

This textbook covers basic Excel topics relevant for an introductory spreadsheet course. It is designed for students freshly exposed to excel/spreadsheets or needing a review. It can also be incorporated as a reference book in Statistics courses.